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T W K • Short Street • Riebeek Kasteel • 022 448 1008 • 076 012 9204 • 083 306 0527 • anton@thewinekollective.co.za
A selected range of Swartland Wines sold at cellar door prices and delivered throughout South AfricaAfter making wine in a garage, the owners of The Wine Kollective quickly came to the conclusion that a garage full of wine is a lot of wine ... if you cannot sell it. Options were evaluated and although they loved the idea of a blonde bombshell with an Iphone selling the wine, it was way out of their league. After a long time of deliberation in the bars of the Swartland, the answer dawned upon them. Start your own shop, call it ‘The Wine Kollective’, convince the best wineries to join the cause and voila ...Swartland Wine Kollective Wine Merchant Swartland Riebeek Kasteel South Africa

There it was: the only wine outlet in Riebeek Kasteel, the Swartland and maybe even the known universe that is solely dedicated to the special wines of the small, the famous and the utterly unknown wineries situated within a two hour donkey ride from Riebeek Kasteel.

All wines are sold at cellar door prices and wine can be delivered throughout South Africa. Free wine tasting on weekends.

Riebeek Valley Accommodation

Santa Cecilia Boudoir Short Street, Riebeek Kasteel

On top of the pretty Santa Cecilia winery and under Hoof Street’s signature old oak, is perhaps Kasteel’s only penthouse . .

Boudoir Santa Cecila Riebeek Kasteel

Anton Espost
Tel: 076 012 9204

Jill Gordon-Turner
Tel: 083 306 0527

Web: www.santacecilia.co.za

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